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About Light

Post by Jordan on Sun May 24, 2009 3:58 pm

Light is the force opposite to Darkness and may also be used as an attack. Although often associated with the forces of good, light is not entirely benevolent, as people of neutral or occasionally evil affinity can use it. Light can also be manipulated into attacks by some beings, depending on how powerful that person is. They are able to physically call and wield the element of Light to their aid. As an example, Roxas is able to create spears and force fields out of light, as well as other things. Sora can also use the Light to his whim, in which he implements it into his physical attacks. Some people in the Kingdom Hearts Universe have been known to use the power of Light in unique ways, like Kairi is able to use the Light in her Heart during the confusion at Hollow Bastion following Sora's sacrifice to return his heart to him.


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