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About Darkness

Post by Mythic on Tue May 19, 2009 3:53 pm

Darkness is an element, opposite to Light. While it seems to be affiliated with evil characters and Heartless, it can also be used by neutral or good characters just the same, and Darkness itself isn't exactly evil. If one can accept Darkness into themselves without succumbing to it, then they can wield it's power, usually becoming a great deal stronger. It's known to cause people to lose their hearts if they use it's power too much, and they become Heartless. If their Heart is strong enough, a Nobody is also created.

Darkness is also often used in magic, such as opening Corridors of Darkness, or using magical attacks, such as Gravity or Magnet, or augmenting one's attacks.

Corridors of Darkness can be thought of as a black portal that opens up, and can be used to transport places quickly. However, these corridors allow Darkness to manifest itself deeper inside of an individual with prolonged use.

Black Cloaks most often work by members of Organization XIII protect the wearer from Darkness, mostly while traveling through Corridors of Darkness.

*Note, if one has an affinity for the Darkness, then they normally wouldn't have one for the Light. However, in some cases people have been found to have both. In this case, their powers are equally distributed between the Dark and Light.*


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