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Organization Information

Post by Jordan on Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:15 pm

Council of Hearts: The Council of Hearts is small council that gathers together whenever called that discusses current matters. They normally ally with the light, but have been known to take in men and women from the darkness, or those who remain neutral. it is not known when the Council was first originally founded, but the first recorded time was centuries ago. The current leader of the Council is (Mythic). She was just recently appointed the leader, due to their former leader (Jordan) left for unknown reasons. It is speculated that his heat gave into the darkness, so he fled the light-allying Council. It is currently unknown where he is. The Council was founded so that the forces of Light could rally together, and deal with any oncoming threats. They were based on a diplomatic format, doing the 'Council' name, but usually handles things using the variety of skills each of it's members have. The Council is made up of mostly the current Keyblade Masters, excluding Jordan or any other unknown Masters, and Keyblade Apprentices. They also take in Human's, but it is rare if it happens, they have to have some type of skills useful to the Council.

The Forgotten Ones: The Forgotten Ones are basically our older version of Organization 13. They're structure is similar, although it us unknown what their current goal is. The Forgotten Ones consist of powerful Nobodies who have gathered together to use their powerful abilities to accomplish whatever goals or ambitions they might have. Not much is known about them, but they have shown no mercy to anyone who gets in the way of their goals.

Rouge: Rouge's are people or creatures who have fled the Organization they belonged to. it doesn't matter what Organization, how powerful they are, or for what reasons. They only thing that matters is that they abandoned their previous group and are now considered hostile enemies of it. Rouge's tend to look out for themselves, but occasionally group together in case they encounter someone who is out to destroy one of them.

The Way to Eternity: This is a newly formed Organization formed by the recently gone Rouge, Jordan. It doesn't have many members, and is not very heard of. No one is sure what he plans to do with this Organization, or what his plans are, but it is assured that he is not aligned with either of the existing Organizations. Jordan seems to take in anyone willing to follow him, and doesn't discriminate with power.


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