Dual set(Roxas thats me)

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Dual set(Roxas thats me)

Post by artrixers333 on Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:37 pm

Names: Dusk Till Dawn and Blazing Sun

Abilities: Two become one is a light and dark keyblade made of light and dark the ability is unkown of this wepon because i unleashes the wielders full potential Reaper Skull is the same as the two become one but different in looks.

Balance: Strength: 16 is for both because they are both eaquel and double each others attack and magic magic:16 (original was 8 but doubled is 16)

Appearance: The hilt/handle of the Blazing Sun is like the ultima wepons but is different in coulor it is a dark luminius black all over it and the top of this key is the key it looks exactly like the oblivions the middle of the key is like the ultima wepons aswell. Dusk Till Dawn has the combined form of the moon and sun for the key the hilt is like the blazing sun's It has more than 1 but 2 keychains the Dusk keychain and the Dawn keychain since it is dusk and dawn


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