Mythic (incomplete)

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Mythic (incomplete)

Post by Mythic on Mon May 18, 2009 10:35 pm

Personal Information

Name: Ellie Myth (Took on the nickname, "Mythic")

Age: 15

Birthplace: (Where were they born:

Looks: Mythic has pinkish/coral colored hair that is wavy and long. She is about 5'3 and has red eyes. She doesn't care much for baggy clothing, or much about her appearance. She usually wears light clothes that don't restrict or slow her down in battle.

Personality: Mythic is a no-nonsense type of girl. She's always straight and to the point, and charges into battle head-first. She's usually honest, seeing no reason to lie about anything. She answers to no one, and refuses to let anyone else tell her what to do. She's stubborn and arrogant. In battle, she's swift and decisive. Her main tactic is to kill the enemy before they can do any damage to her. This has caused her fighting style to be swift, extremely offensive, and with almost no defense, though she believes that the best defense is not to get hit at all, or to kill the enemy before they have a chance to attack. She usually takes on a calm or apathetic demeanor, and is very quiet. She doesn't care to speak to others, unless required. She's mostly apathetic, but is sometimes swift to anger, and is impatient. She will fight to the death for someone she loves or cares about, but so far there is no one that she does love or care about that still lives. She is honorable and respects those that show honor or respect, though Mythic usually is disdainful toward most people, expecting the worst in everyone.

Gender: Female

Occupation: N/A

Special Characteristics: Although brave, strong, and extremely deadly in battle, Mythic has very little tolerance for pain. She has a natural yet indescribable affinity for magic, and a high resistance to it. She is tactical, cunning, and vengeful - not a person you would want as an enemy. She is skilled in both the flute and violin, and is decent at drawing.

Race: Human

Combat Information

Organization/Group: N/A

Weapon: (For this, please try to include a picture, as well as a detailed description on what the weapon is, what it looks like and what it can do. If it has already been approved, include a link to the topic in the description.)

Weapon Abilities: (List any and all abilities your weapon has. Note, humans cannot have any special abilities for their weapons. If your weapon does not have in abilities, leave this area blank.)

Abilities: The use of darkness magic, including opening Corridors of Darkness, and the use of light magic for various spells.

History and Role Playing Sample

History: (This is a detailed story about your characters life/history. Try to make it at least a paragraph long and please be creative. Refrain from mentioning any characters from the game, as they do not exist (yet?).)

Role Playing Sample: (This is a sample role play to get an understanding of how well you perform at it. Try to make it at least a paragraph.)


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