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Forum Rules

Post by Mythic on Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:10 pm

1.) No spamming.

2.) No godmodding.

3.) One account per person, one person per account. (Unless stated by an admin.)

4.) You must type In Character(IC) in all of the IC boards, and OOC in the OOC boards. (Chatbox is OOC.) You may not post in IC boards unless your character is approved.

5.) No posting anything above PG13, anywhere.

6.) Use correct grammar and punctuation.

7.) Respect other members, especially Staff.

8.) Try not to be in too many active topics at once.

9.) Signatures can't be too wide. If they stretch out the page, then they will be removed.

10.) Staff members get the final say. Don't argue with us.

11.) Don't argue in the chatbox, or in OOC topics.

12.) Don't kill another person's character without permission from the owner.

13.) No one-liners while posting IC. 5 lines minimum.

14.) No cannon characters.

15.) Ask before posting in a topic with two or more people in it. Be courteous.

16.) Don't copy our site's layout, or anything written or created here without permission. This includes characters and posts. (You may use anything that you yourself create, but nothing that anyone else has created without permission.)

17.) No PM spamming. (If you advertise your own site through PM, you will instantly be banned, no questions asked.)

18.) Only Staff can post in character applications. If anyone else posts, it will be treated as spam, and dealt with as such.


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